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PVC Resin & Additives - Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide is the Naturally occuring oxide of Titanium, Generally it is sourced from ilmenite,

there are various forms of Titanium Di-oxide out of which Rutile and anatase is are most Important


Below given specification is for Rutile form of Tio2 which we regularly supply.

Tio2 Content%?94
Rutile Content%98
Tinting Strength-207-214
PH Value-6.0 - 8.0
Oil Absorptiong/100g23
Sieve residue (45 ยต m)%0.05
Water Soluble content%0.6

Applications of Titanium Di-oxide (TIO2)

  1. PVC Pipes
  2. PVC Profile
  3. Masterbatches
  4. Paint and coatings
  5. Pigments
  6. Textiles

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