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PVC Resin & Additives - Special Chemicals for PVC WPC profiles


ProductsTypesMain FeaturesApplications
 (our products)  
  1. Faster fusion timePVC pipe, pipe fittings, PVC door,
SANDI-8012. Better gloss surfacePVC foaming shoes etc.
Processing Aid 3. High output ratePVC foaming sheet, indoor PVC 
 DI-8694. Cost-effectiveopaque application, ABS,ASA and ABS/PC etc.
  1.   Faster fusion timePVC foaming shoes and thin PVC foaming
 DI-5302. High melt strengthsheet etc.
  3. Cost-effective 
 DI-6281. Higher MW and less use level1. Soft PVC products, like PVC leather
  2. Faster fusion time2. Other rigid PVC opaque application which
PVC  3. Excellent melt flowabilityhas the cost-saving and super-fusion 
Foaming Regulator 4. Lower melting pointspromotion needs
 DI-6381. Super high MW and less use level1. PVC foaming sheet, especially for thick
  2. super high melt strengthfoam sheet
 DI-6883. Excellent melt flow2. PVC foaming product with higher
  4. Faster fusion timefiller adding level needs 
 DI-6985. Wide process window3. Foaming WPC
  1. Very fast fusion time1. Replace CPE+PA or CPE only with less dosage
  2. Excellent elongation rate and toughness2. For all PVC opaque application, like PVC 
 CGA-2433. Excellent low-temperature impact strengthProfile, PVC drainage pipe, PVC conduit pipe,
  4. Better weatherabilityPVC panel, PVC panel, PVC fence, WPC and
CGA Series 5. Excellent powder flow and no cakingPVC ceiling etc.
Impact Modifier 1. Super high low temperature impact strength1. Replace AIM+CPE with less dosage
  and less use level.2. PVC window profile, PVC pressure pipe
 CGA-2442. Excellent   weatherabilityand other opaque PVC product which has
  3. Excellent powder flow and no cakingthe super-high impact needs.
  4. Excellent toughness and elongation rate at break 
  1. Very fast fusion time 
  2. Excellent melt flow 
Processing AidDI-P0013. High melt strength 
for pipe fittings 4. Higher vicat softening pointsPVC pipe fitting
  5. Better weatherability 
  6. Endow pipe fitting with much better surface 


IteamsTypes (our products)Equivalence
 DI-125Equivalent to Rohm & Haas K-125
 DI-120NEquivalent to Rohm & Haas K-120N/120P
 DI-128Equivalent to LG Chem. PA828
 DI-20Equivalent to Rohm & Haas K-120ND
Acrylic Processing Aid(For Transparent Application)Equivalent to Kaneka corp. PA-20
  Equivalent to LG Chem. PA910
  Equivalent to Rohm & Haas K-175/175P
 DI-101Equivalent to Arkema P770
  Equivalent to Kaneka corp. PA-101/PA121
 DI-210Equivalent to Kaneka corp. PA-210
HDT Processing AidDI-587Equivalent to chemtura Blendex 587
  Equivalent to Kaneka A15X
  Equivalent to Rohm & Haas KM355/366
 DI-50Equivalent to LG Chem.IM808A/809/812
  Equivalent to Kaneka Corp.FM-40/FM41
 DI-51Equivalent to Rohm & Haas KM-334
Acrylic Impact Modifier Equivalent to Arkema D-200
 DI-55Equivalent to Rohm & Haas KM-1
  Equivalent to Kaneka Corp.FM-50
 DI-57Equivalent to Kaneka Corp.FM-55
 DI-80 A
(for transport application)
Equivalent to Rohm & Haas HIA80
  Equivalent to Rohm & Haas BTA-730/731/736
 DI-M872Equivalent to LG Chem. MB870/872
MBS Impact Modifier Equivalent to Kaneka Corp.B22/B522
 DI-M907Equivalent to Rohm & Haas BTA-707
 DI-M56Equivalent to Kaneka Corp. B-564
 DI-635Equivalent to Kaneka Corp. PA40
 DI-655Equivalent to Kaneka Corp. PA70/PA75
HMW Processing Aid Equivalent to LG Chem. PA930
 DI-100Equivalent to Rohm & Haas K-400/K445
  Equivalent to Kaneka Corp. PA600/PA610
  Equivalent to Arkema P-530
CPE CPE DLC-135 AStandards coated with 4% filler
(Chlorinated Polyethylene)CPE DLC-6135High elongation rate and toughness
Internal LubricantDI-60Equivalent to Henkel Loxiol G60
External LubricantDI-74Equivalent to Henkel Loxiol G74


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