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PVC Resin & Additives - Stearic Acid

Stearic acid is kind of saturated fatty acid obtained from fats and oils by the saponification of the triglycerides.

Stearic acid is waxy solid and one of the most common long-chain fatty acids, found in combined form in nature following palmitic acid.


Appearance--White Beads
Iodine Valueg iodine / 100g0.5
Acid valuemg KOH/g.206-213
Saponification valuemg KOH/g.207-214
C 18 Content%37
Freezing Point0C54-56
Inorganic acid%0.01
Volatile Content%0.2

Applications of Stearic Acid

  1. PVC Pipes
  2. PVC Profile
  3. Masterbatches
  4. Detergents and Soaps
  5. Cosmatics
  6. Rubber Products.
  7. Lubricants
  8. Pharmaceuticals

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