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PE & PP Materials and Additives - PE 100 Black

EL-Lene H1000PC is a black, bimodal technology, high density polyethylene compound classified as a MRS 10.0 material (PE100)

providing superior in mechanical properties and processablity. EL-Lene H1000PC also shows excellent resistance to rapid crack

propagation and slow crack growth. In addition, It includes a good dispersion of carbon black pigment and anti-oxidant to ensure

excellent long term in UV resistance and thermal stability.

Product Characteristics

  • Good processing
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • High resistance to slow crack growth
  • Resistance to rapid crack propagation
  • Low sagging


PropertyTest MethodTypical ValueUnit
Melt Flow RateISO 1133 @ 190oC, 5.0 kg0.25g/10 min
Density (Compound)ISO 11830.959g/cm3
Tensile Strength at YieldISO 527 @ Crosshead speed 100 mm/min23Mpa
Tensile Strength at BreakISO 527 @ Crosshead speed 100 mm/min>30Mpa
Elongation at BreakISO 527 @ Crosshead speed 100 mm/min>600%
Carbon Black ContentISO 69642.25% wt
Carbon Black DispersionISO 18553<3-
Oxidative induction timeNF EN 728 @ 200oC>60min.
Flexural ModulusASTM D 7901000MPa
HardnessASTM D 224064Shore D
ESCRASTM D 1693>10000Hrs, F0
Resistance to slow crack growthISO 13479 @ 80oC>500Hrs
Rapid crack propagationISO 13477)>10bar
Resistance to gas constituentsISO 1167>20Hrs


  • Potable water pipes
  • Gas pipes
  • Drainage pipes
  • Sewerage pipes)
  • Industrial pipes
  • Corrugated pipes

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