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PE & PP Materials and Additives - LLDPE Base Rotomoulding Compound Semi Virgin


TestTest MethodUnitTypical Value
Melt Flow Index @190`C, 2.16 kg loadASTM D 1238gm/10min.4
DensityASTM D 792gm/cc0.938
ESCR (100% Igepal, Condition A)ASTM D1693hrs1006
Flexural modulas (1% secant)ASTM D 790MpaNA
Hydrostatic Design Base (23 deg celcius)ASTM D2837MpaNA
UV RatingASTM D2565~2.3% CARBON
Izod Impact (Notch)ASTM D 256J/m128
a) Tensile Strength at YieldASTM D 638Mpa16
b) Elongation at break%805

Colours Available

Black/White/Blue/Light Blue/Green/Yellow


25KGS PP Bags

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