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PE & PP Materials and Additives - HDPE Blow Moulding Grades

SCG HDPE H5840B is a high density polyethylene resin suitable for producing chemical bottles by using extrusion blow molding machine

Product Characteristics

  • Excellent environmental stress crack
  • Resistance (ESCR)
  • Good surface appreance
  • Good processibility
  • Good printability


PropertyTest MethodTypical ValueUnit
Melt Flow RateASTM D 1238 @190oC, 2.16Kg0.4g/10 min
HLMIASTM D 1238 @190oC, 21.6Kg40g/10 min
DENSITYASTM D 15050.955g/cm3
Melting pointASTM D 2117132oC
Vicat softening pointASTM D 1525128oC
Brittlness TemperatureASTM D 746<-60oC
Tensile strength at yeildASTM D 638280Kg/cm2
Tensile strength at breakASTM D 638350Kg/cm2
Elongation at breakASTM D 6381000%
Flexural modulusASTM D 79012000Kg/cm2
Notched izod impactASTM D 256 @190oC98j/m
ESCRASTM D 1693 @50oC300Hrs, F50

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