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PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines - PVC/WPC Profile Extrusion Line


For PVC/ WPC foamed board/ Profile extrusion,  the following post extrusion down stream equipment can be paired with our Conical Twin Screw Extruders. 
The downstream equipment includes calibration table,hauler,cutter and stacker.
The caterpillar hauler is equipped with precision gear motor and inverter, which possesses reasonable structure, strong and stable hauling force.
The cutter is equipped with PLC control system which helps to set length and provide accurate automatic cutting. The stacker is covered with rubber grip blocks to prevent products from damage


PVC/WPC profile extrusion line/ Post Extrusion

PVC wide door panel extrusion line

PVC (PVC & WPC) foamed board & door panel extrusion line

Downstreams/ POST

Extrusion Equipments

Max. product widthVacuum calibration unitHaulerCutter
Vacuum pumpWater pump(mm) LengthMotorMotorCutting type
YF-240S2405.5kwx24.0kwx1, 1.5kwx140001.1kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-2402405.5kwx44.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160001.5kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-3003005.5kwx44.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160001.5kwx22.2kwx1Horizontal Cutter
YF-6006007.5kwx2; 5.5kwx24.0kwx1, 2.2kwx160002.2kwx22.2kwx1


Horizontal Cutter

YF-1000100011kwx2; 5.5kwx24.0kwxl, 2.2kwx180005.5kwx22.2kwx1

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