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PE/PVC Pipe Extrusion Lines - Parallel Twin Screw Extruder


PS series parallel counter rotating twin screw extruders are designed to cater to the demands of PVC large diameter pipes,PVC sheets,and high speed profile extrusion.

The screws are made by high precision  using special digital screw miller to ensure the identical good quality of every extruding screw. Besides, by adopting the technology of variable screw pitch and depth, the material can be compressed and sheared evenly and softly.  Due to the special design of distribution box and imported thrust bearings, the machine can sustain more pressure.

Additionally, these  come with a  multiple alarm system which makes it easy to trouble-shoot any errors and faults.  Equipped with reliable electronics systems ,the machine can work stably and dependably.


Power (KW)455590110132160
Screw Dia. (mm)7590110120130135
Screw Number222222
Capacity (kg/h)300-400400-500500-600600-700800-10001000-1300
Center Height105010501050105010501250



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