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  • HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe – Designed and Installed to be forgotten for next 100 years is a new light pipe with annular corrugated structure outer wall and smooth inner wall produced from low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE). It has the characteristics of light weight, good toughness, fast construction and long service life.
  • Double wall corrugated pipe has excellent pipe wall structure design, which greatly reduces the cost compared with other isotropic pipes, convenient construction and connection, corrosion aging resistance and no leakage. It has been widely used at home and abroad, replacing a large number of concrete pipes and cast iron pipes.

STANDARDS – EN13476 / DIN 16961

Product Features

High ring stiffness: the outer wall has an annular corrugated structure, which greatly enhances the ring stiffness of the pipe and has obvious advantages compared with other pipes.

Material cost saving: under the condition of the same ring stiffness, about half of the raw materials can be saved compared with the solid wall pipe, which greatly saves the material cost.

Anti settlement: it can be slightly flexed in the axial direction and is not affected by a certain degree of uneven settlement of the ground.

Fast construction: light weight, flexible socket connection with rubber ring, fast construction and simple maintenance.

Application Fields:

  1. Municipal Engineering: used as drainage and sewage pipe.
  2. Construction works: used as rainwater pipe, underground drainage pipe, sewage pipe and ventilation pipe of buildings.
  3. Railway and highway communication equipment: used as the protective tube of communication cable and optical cable.
  4. Industry: widely used for sewage pipes in chemical industry, hospital, environmental protection and other industries.
  5. Agricultural garden project: used for drainage of farmland, fruit and tea gardens and forest belts.
  6. Road Engineering: used as seepage and drainage pipe of railway and expressway.
  7. Mine: used as mine ventilation, air supply and drainage pipe.
  8. Perforated double wall corrugated pipe: it can be used as seepage and drainage pipe of saline alkali land expressway.
  9. Manhole made with Corrugated Pipes with High Chemical Resistance.
  10. Higher Efficiency and safety due to prefabricated fittings.